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Re: H.S. Archive (Tinder/Morgan)
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Gaining altitude, Bravo watches as the bookshelves freeze in place, "Damn, clever girls." Looking up he sees there's still one row of lights illuminating the archives; seeing this as a chance to escape, he examines the room. His targets have holed up in some sort of makeshift igloo, a way to ward off his attacks while they regroup, unfortunately it rests just several meters by the doors. An attempt to flee through there would surely be noticed by the two, a grin appearing on the pegasus's face when he comes up with a solution. Flying up once more to the ceiling, he lines up another arrow and fires it across the room, shattering the last row of lights and sending the room into utter darkness. "Piece of cake." With that said he dives down and swoops towards the doors, firing a projectile at the cover Tinder created to keep them suppressed during his getaway.
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