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Re: H.S. Archive (Tinder/Morgan)
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Bravo lands safely at the door as the round punctures a book, sending the pages flying into the air. The pegasus reaches his hoof out and feels the door to find the knob, locating it moments after. Before he can proceed, the chamber lightly rumbles, the sound of a crash echoes in the distance; he freezes, looking up to the ceiling with some tension. 'I hope that wasn't what I think it is.' Bravo focuses his attention on the floor, making sure no more rumbling is felt; confirming that it was simply a false alarm, he continues to make his exit. A rattle of a locked door echoes throughout the darkness, the noise ringing out a second time followed by a pause of silence. "Damn it, of course the damn door is locked." The Director positions himself and kicks against the door, a loud bang going off before he gets an idea; the pegasus retreats into the room and hides behind the fallen bookshelves.
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