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Re: H.S. Archive (Tinder/Morgan)
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The stray round streaks over Bravo' s head as the Pegasus finishes dressing his wound. His beige coat is stained with red, although in the darkness, how much is covered in blood is still a mystery. With heavy breaths, the Director looks over the bookshelf to the door, noting a fugue trying to tamper with it. Now having little to lose, Bravo slowly makes his way back to the entrance. Step by step he gets closer, his steel colored eyes scanning around him for the other mare in the archive. A cautious tactic, but one that betrays him when his shoulder bumps into a corner of a table, knocking a couple of books over in the process. With his cover blown, the Director takes one last gamble and leaps into the air, aiming to pounce on whoever is at the door.
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