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Re: H.S. Archive (Tinder/Morgan)
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Broadshield breathes a sigh of relief hearing that Tinder isn't too badly injured. "That's good, I didn't want someone else to get hurt on this mission." he pauses before continuing. "My Recon Team saw you go down, and Bravo was already down. It could have only left that Morgan pony you were talking about. I'm sorry I had to tell you that, you two sound like friends." he pauses, then turns to his soldiers. "You three, look for that truck, and report to me any information you have." he says. After giving their commander a salute, they jump out of the open window, soaring into the air. Turning back to Morgan, he continues where he left off. "You've done well, regardless of the circumstances. One way or another, when this mission is over, I'll see to it that you receive a full pardon from the Equestrian Government. Its what you deserve. Now, you have two options, you may choose to leave, and make your way to the base at the foot of the building and rest up until the mission is over, or you can stay and fight, and bring the rest of the Directors down. What do you think?" he asks.
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