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The 26:
Towards the 40th floor of the building, rows upon rows of books and scrolls rest silently in the complex’s vast archive. The ceiling height itself rises to two stories, utilizing rows of ceiling fans equipped with large lights to illuminate the texts, tables, and chairs strewn about in a disorganized manner. Bravo lands his hooves onto the ceramic tiling, first looking up at the lights above. Spreading his wings, he takes off and aims his first arrow; flying up to the end of each row, he fires the projectile across the room. The lights are shattered to pieces, instantly casting a third of the archive in shadow. On the far end of the chamber, Tinder emerges in a flash of light, landing on a table half covered in literature. Her posture and position doesn’t change; a  second later Morgan appears facing her, the barrel of the rifle mere inches away from Tinder’s nose as the unicorn’s ice daggers point dangerously close to several parts of her body.

Tinder had been pretty focused on Bravo while they were upstairs, since he was the one aiming at her, so she hadn't noticed who it was that crashed through the window. As she is quite suddenly teleported she looks around at her new surroundings quickly, looking back to see the rifle a few inches from her nose and to see Morgan holding it. It takes her a second to recognize her, she hasn't seen her for years. When that look of recognition sweeps over her face her magic fizzles and pops a bit, unable to stay stable with this unexpected turn of events. The daggers around Morgan all fall to the ground a few shattering completely, "B-bear?"

Morgan “Bear” Lockett:
"Hey Tinder. Thought I would run into you here." She threw her repeater down by her side and hugged her foalhood friend. "Good to finally see you again."

The 26:
Several cracks ring throughout the archive again as another arrow flies across the room, shattering the second of three rows of lights illuminating the opposite end of the room. A single row of light in the middle of the room is all that's left, providing plenty of cover for the Director as he swoops down and maneuvers around the towering bookshelves, a couple of papers flying off into the air. About 20 meters away, he finds the two locked in an embrace. The Pegasus smiles, the option to kill two birds with one stone set up right before him. He pulls out another arrow and sets up behind a bookshelf resting the arrow on a shelf between a stack of books. Eyeing up the target, he only sees Morgan's back, the perfect position for a shot.

Tinder hugs back, holding her tight until she hears more of the lights shatter. When this happens she lets go and grabs onto Morgan's hoof, pulling her to try to get her away from where they were. "My daggers shattering probably alerted them, we're in too much of a open position, we need cover." She tries to make a shield of ice for them but her magic just fizzles and cracks, "My magic is out for a while, you're gonna need to keep us defended until it comes back. I need to find enough cover so that I can take a few pills...And it's really good to see you again Bear." It's easy to tell she's struggling a bit to keep herself from breaking down right now, she's just forcing herself to keep going.


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