Author Topic: H.S Front Entrance (Equinox)  (Read 1120 times)

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Re: H.S Front Entrance (Equinox)
« on: April 16, 2016, 10:25:42 am »
Broadshield watched as the tower went crashing down, and saw Foxtrot make it out safely. The building caused a large dust cloud to form in that part of the city, and there was no way of finding Foxtrot in the cloud. In the end, the helicopter turned around and made its way to the building, at least, what was left of it. The helicopter came in to land nearby. Through the smoke you could see dozens, maybe hundreds of figures moving around. Some were working on the FOB, others were helping evacuate stragglers, and some were pulling soldiers and civilians from fallen debris. The building dropped several pieces of large debris that came crashing down on ponies. Many were injured, a few were unfortunately killed or were not going to make it. As soon as the helicopter landed, several ponies went to the commander, reporting the status of the situation, tending to his injuries, the like. Some medics also went to Tinder to help, but Broadshield didn't see, he was already being escorted away to the FOB.

Hours later, the dust had finally settled. The line still holding strong against any onlookers, but with less ponies on both sides. Equinox and rescue services were treating wounded ponies, Equinox tacticians still working hard in the tent, coordinating operations, and looking for the Pavelow seen flying away. While all of this was happening, Broadshield sat on a piece of rubble looking out to the sea, and to the Saddle Arabian ship, holding the Directors, patched up and ready to be locked away. As he sat there, he silently reflected on the past few days, and everything that had happened. He didn't know where Foxtrot, Tinder, or Monochrome and Pastel were, but he was sure they would find him eventually...
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