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Re: H.S Front Entrance (Equinox)
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"Of course, as you wish Tinder." Broadshield says before dismissing the medics, who go back to the FOB. "Where are you going?" He asks Pastel as she walks off, not really getting any answer from her as she walks off into an alleyway. Thinking nothing of it, he focuses his attention back onto Tinder's injury. "You don't need to hide your injury from us, or stop ponies from treating you, we're here to help you, with whatever needed." He says to her, before watching Foxtrot finish up fixing up Tinder. "Well, now that most of us are together, I guess it's time for a bit of a debriefing. We have of course managed to detain and extract all the Directors, even though it wasn't easy, and all of us have been injured in some way, along with some unwanted intervention. Equinox also was able to keep casualties to a minimum, but we have lost a few ponies, both Equinox and civilians. We lost 3 soldiers from the fight with Zulu, and we lost 5 Combat and Support soldiers combined helping with the evacuation efforts, crushed by debris. We lost a few civilians as well, we don't know how many exactly. We have also had several ponies injured, but thankfully they will recover with time. It will take some time but we will eventually clear out the building and hopefully do something better with the vacant space, besides, tonnes of rubble in the harbor isn't exactly a good look for Manehatten. Despite the circumstances, I would say this mission would be a success." He pauses before continuing. "Now, as for the two of you, Foxtrot, you will have access to the Manehatten base and its facilities, same goes to  Nivalia, and Tinder, you will have your slate wiped clean, a new start for you. But, I have an offer for both of you. The three of you, Nivalia included, all bring valuable skills to the table. Equinox is always looking for ponies who can bring something to the table to help us fight for Equestria. I am offering all of you to be a part of Equinox. For you 3, for your work and contribution over the last few days, you will have perks. If you join, you make the choice in where you want to be stationed, whether it be in your hometown, or anywhere else in or outside of Equestria. You also have a choice in which unit you wish to be in. You have three meals a day when not on missions, with decent living quarters, separate from the barracks. You also have access to the resources that we have available to be used however you wish. In terms of payment, whenever you make a somewhat significant contribution to Equinox, whether it be completing a mission or developing something new, you will be paid a small percentage for it. If needed, we are always able to make compromises if it makes life easier for you, and if you need anything, anything at all, Equinox will do everything in its power to provide whatever it is you need. So what do you two say? Are you willing to join Equinox and fight for your country?" He asks. He really hopes that they accept his offer. Equinox always needs good ponies to join them, and Tinder, Foxtrot and Nivalia are exactly what Equinox needs to help make Equestria a greater country.
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