Author Topic: H.S Front Entrance (Equinox)  (Read 841 times)

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Re: H.S Front Entrance (Equinox)
« Reply #15 on: April 24, 2016, 05:19:51 pm »
Content with the reply, Foxtrot nods as he listens to Tinder; the image of her in guard armor does seem interesting though. By nowell the sun has gone down and the sky is painted a collage of orange, pink, and purple. Stars scatter across the expanse as the city lights themselves add to the Manhatten skyline. The unicorn looks towards the north before addressing his companions. "Alright guys, it's gonna be a long, boring night for me so I better get going. Broadshield, I'll see you in the next couple of days. Tinder, thanks for sticking around through all this; I still gotta show you the rest of Canterlot when I can..." He pauses, his tone becoming more sincere as he resumes. "Thank you, both of you for all this. The 26 won't be a threat anymore, and I'll make sure of it." With a casual salute Foxtrot begins to head out, his thoughts wandering off as he strolls down the dimly lit streets of Manehattan; things are gona be different as a whole new world of possibilities open.
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