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Re: H.S. Offices (Lauren/Connor)
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Despite Lauren's words, Juliet keeps going towards the window, escape from the building the only thing gripping her mind and heart. The image of Romeo still on the ground makes it that much more difficult for the griffon, their talk about this situation set in her mind as for what they were to do. Regardless, each step becomes heavier as bullets fly over her head, a stray round grazing her again. With all the time that passes, the Director finally makes it to the window and falls out with her wings fully spread. The rush of freedom and the wind propels the griffon into the air, the sharp sting of pain in her wing drowned out by the sheer adrenaline flooding her mind. She flaps her wings and gains altitude along the building, escaping the reach of the soldiers and the range of their rifles.
"You'll always need agents like us. To do things that most cannot."