Author Topic: H.S. Offices (Lauren/Connor)  (Read 289 times)

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Re: H.S. Offices (Lauren/Connor)
« Reply #15 on: March 22, 2016, 06:10:48 pm »
Soaring up, Broadshield eventually makes his way to Recon Team Taurus, together the group make their way to the floor that Romeo is on. "Alright, fan out and establish a temporary perimeter, I'll secure Romeo. As Recon Team Taurus fan out, Broadshield makes his way over to the griffon. "Injured, but I think he's breathing. Alright then." he mutters to himself before taking up his headset and turning on his microphone. Time to make another extraction. "This is Commander Broadshield to Home Base, preparing to extract Romeo, stand by for retrieval, he's injured, sedate him. Over"
"Roger that Commander, preparing for extraction. Over."
With that, he gets out his handcuffs, and prepares to put them on Romeo, holding his breath in case something happens.

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