Author Topic: H.S. Offices (Lauren/Connor)  (Read 236 times)

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Re: H.S. Offices (Lauren/Connor)
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Broadshield places the handcuffs on the downed griffon, and is enveloped by a bright green light, then he is gone, the howling winds outside providing the only noise in the desolate building. "This is Home Base to Commander Broadshield, we have retrieved Romeo, beginning sedation and emergency surgery. He's taken some pretty hard blows, much like Zulu, but they should be fine by the time you get back, over." A voice is heard on the radio. "Roger that Home Base, make sure to keep a close eye on the two of them, we don't know what may happen. We're going to need them alive when we give them to Saddle Arabia. Over." he says. Looking back, he sees a carrier rise up to the floor above, and he sees the pony from before toss Juliet into the vehicle. He watches as the carrier makes its way to the floor Tinder is on, and he watches as another pony tosses Bravo in. "Crap! We just lost two of our directors! All Recon Units, keep an eye on the carrier on the 40th floor, but do not engage, continue relaying a SITREP." he says into his microphone. Making his way to the door, he leads his soldiers down to the floor that Tinder is on. "Oh please be alright Tinder..." he thinks to himself.
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