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The 26:
In the 86th floor of the structure, the typical office scene is present; rows upon rows of tables lined up and equipped with typewriters, stacks of paper, and smaller supplies. Wall high windows evenly illuminate the room, providing perfect sunlight to the various ficuses dotting the halls. Larger ceiling fans provide a light breeze throughout, an immersive addition to the view of the Manehattan skyline outside. A loud pop goes off as Juliet and Romeo teleport into the spacious office; they find themselves on opposite sides of the room, a planned strategy now unfolding. The two griffons turn around and drive their talons against the window behind them, shattering the glass and letting in a furious high altitude wind. Pencils and rulers fling off onto the ground as papers near the windows fly up into the air, the deafening whistling and howling of the gale adding the to the chaos. In the center of the office, Lauren and Connor appear facing each other, the directors placed directly in their line of sight. Romeo tucks his body in and moves to a steady low crawl, blending into the light grey marble tiling of the floor. Juliet on the other hand pulls back her wings, revealing several columns of straight edge throwing knives; each tip colored red with an unknown powder. She takes aim and lines up her shot, right into Connorís back.

Lauren Beckham:
After regathering her thoughts, Lauren quickly noticed Juliet aiming a knife at Connor. "Watch out!" She shouted as she fired a shot directly in the direction of Juliet. She reloaded quickly and scanned the room further.

Connor Cook:
Connor ducked immediately and looked around before a ruler slapped him in the face. Gritting his teeth her drew a weapon too and scanned the room.

The 26:
Juliet lets out a screech as she ducks out of the way, the round grazing her enough to remove a few feathers. Cursing under her breath, she simply falls back out of the window and takes to the skies, circling around the building. Romeo continues forward, keeping in mind where his targets fell onto the ground. Rounding a corner, the silver griffon peeks under the desks around him to find the two on his right. Talons at the ready, the Direct pounces over the desk, lashing at the two before his wings keep him in the air for two more rows of office gear.

Connor Cook:
Lauren taps Connors shoulder as the both look at the silver griffon. Everything seemed in slow motion as Connor fires two shots. Lauren let the rifle hand around her body as she pulled a dagger out and prepared to stab the griffon right in the chest when he got closer.


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