Author Topic: H.S. Storage (Broadshield/Mono&Pastel)  (Read 125 times)

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Re: H.S. Storage (Broadshield/Mono&Pastel)
« on: February 04, 2016, 04:23:28 am »
All around Zulu, soldiers are popping up and attacking him, then running away. "Come and fight me cowards!" He bellows. Seeing another soldier come up to attack him, he takes as swing at him with his hammer, finally making contact. The soldier goes flying into a large stack of crates as if it were a baseball. Upon hitting the stack, several wooden crates are smashed to pieces, their contents falling out of the crates, meanwhile, the solider lying there isn't moving.

Meanwhile, Broadshield watches in horror as one of his vanguard is sent flying into a stack of items, and he isn't getting up. "DAMN YOU ZULU!" he calls out. Grabbing his throwing knives, he throws a large amount of them at Zulu. Zulu makes an attempt to dodge the knives, the majority missing him, but one or two are embedded into his sides. The minotaur then bellows in rage and pain. Hearing Monochrome, he pulls his other two guards away from the rampaging Minotaur as the crystal is thrown at Zulu's legs. With an earth shattering explosion, the crystal goes off, leaving a large crater where the crystal was, as well as Zulu. Surrounding crates and shelves are either blown away, or are completely destroyed by the blast. Most of the lights are destroyed, leaving the room in near complete darkness. Broadshield and his guards get up, inspecting the crater. "Where did Zulu go?" he asks. "Right behind you." a voice from the shadows is heard. "FALL BACK!" he calls out to the group. Just as Zulu swings his hammer, his guard jumps up and kicks him in the face, barely missing Broadshield and his other guard. In retaliation, Zulu grabs the guard by his legs and throws him against the wall, crumpling. "MONOCHROME! ON ME! WE NEED TO FALL BACK AND COME UP WITH A PLAN!" he calls out to him in the darkness, taking his last guard, he pulls him away from Zulu, eventually finding a decent area to hide until they are regrouped and they have a plan.
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