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Re: H.S. Storage (Broadshield/Mono&Pastel)
« on: February 04, 2016, 06:35:00 am »
Dammit dammit dammit dammit DAMMIT. I thought that would work. Pastel sprinted with Broadshield and the other Equinox agents from Zulu. "I thought that would work Monochrome!" Careful P, your slipping into old habits. Sorry. What now though? Given how fast Zulu moves, I'm betting that getting him off his feet is our only option. Sounds reasonable. But how do we do that? With a pallete 'splosion. I thought we agreed not to call it that. And besides, it's too risky. It's also our only option. Oh and don't get mad, but I brought along some rainbow essence to help with it anyway. All it needs is a little push. I hate you. Love you too P. "Alright everyone, I have a plan. Kinda. I'm gonna magically charge a vial of Rainbow essence, then smash it on Zulu's legs. If charging it works, the rainbow essence will be very acidic, so don't let it touch you. This stuff eats flesh faster than Monochrome eats a chocolate cupcake." Pastel turns her head to Broadshield as they all run. "Sound good Sir?"
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