Author Topic: H.S. Storage (Broadshield/Mono&Pastel)  (Read 129 times)

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Re: H.S. Storage (Broadshield/Mono&Pastel)
« on: February 20, 2016, 04:06:49 am »
The flashbangs and smoke grenades didn't help Zulu as he was kicked several times in the legs by multiple targets. Eventually, he is forced onto one knee after taking damage from the brutal kicks to his legs. Eventually, the disorientation wears off, so now all Zulu can see is the smoke around him. Every so often, a figure dances in the shadows, prompting Zulu to take a swing, only to miss and get assaulted once again. Eventually the smoke lifts, triggering the water system. Both Zulu and Broadshield facing each other, weapons drawn. As Zulu takes a swing with his hammer, Broadshield jumps out of the way, the hammer embedding itself into the wall. Charging Zulu, Broadshield lands several kicks and hits from his sword on Zulu's other leg, eventually bringing him down on both knees. Just as he's about to knock him out, Zulu goes and backhands Broadshield, sending him flying into a stack of boxes. Broadshield lies in the ruined stack dazed, but conscious and alive. Soon, Zulu dislodges his hammer and approaches Broadshield. He looks at Broadshield, knowing that he's won. As he is about to deliver the killing blow, the last guard dashes from the shadows, standing over his commander, taking the hit. The guard goes down after that. With that, Broadshield's rage explodes, now undazed, and he tackles Zulu's head, bringing him to the ground. Broadshield lands several punches to Zulu's face, looking bloodier with each punch, until finally Zulu is out cold. Getting down, he limps over to the fallen guard, checking his vital signs. He's gone. "Monochrome, Pastel, whoever, find the other guards, then bring them to me. After that, we'll bring Zulu in." he says. Turning on his headset, he changes channels until he starts to speak into the microphone. "This is... Broadshield... to Equinox base... Zulu, minotaur... apprehended... prepare for retrieval... get medics... on standby... 3 soldiers dead, I'm injured, and we may have an extra injured soldier... over" he says between breaths, exhausted and injured from the fight.
"We read you loud and clear commander, prepping medics and base for retrieval, over."
Putting his headset away, he collapses on the ground, exhausted, tired, and injured, adrenaline draining from his body, replaced with pain.

((How is it that Mono/Pastel escaped unharmed lol. 2 OP pls Nerf))
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