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Re: H.S. Storage (Broadshield/Mono&Pastel)
« on: February 20, 2016, 07:42:22 am »
Monochrome watched in awe as Broadshield beats Zulu down. Remind me never to get on Broad's bad side. Duly noted. Now if you wouldn't mind, could I please take over. I know how bad you are at dealing with bad injuries What inju...oh crap. Monochrome looked back to see one of his rips sticking out. "Ouch." Monochrome mutters as he passes out on the floor.
Taking over, Pastel gets up and starts to look for the others. Once she found them all, Pastel dragged them over to where Broadshield was laying. "Sir, that's everyone. Permission to pass out from exhaustion?" Pastel asks before dropping to the floor anyway.

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