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H.S. Storage (Broadshield/Mono&Pastel)

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The 26:
Several levels below the skyscraper, the chilled air is met with the incandescent lighting to reveal a large storage area. A maze of boxes and crates filled with a wide variety of items from household items to imported weapons break the large room apart. A loud pop is heard before the stomp of Zulu’s hooves; the Minotaur looking around for the two Equinox guards. A flash of light emerges a short distance away from him, marking off the location of his enemy. His smile couldn’t be any wider as he marches forward, carrying his hammer with some excitement. “Come on Sasha, let’s go hunting.”

Yep, this day just got weirder and weirder. First, Broadshield was involved in some talk about the necessity and the morality of using sleeper agents in a war. Next, even more militants enter the room, weapons pointed at everyone. After that, he gets enveloped in a bright light, and he, as well as the other Equinox soldiers, including Monochrome/Pastel (he sometimes forgot who was who) end up in what looks like a storage area.

Hearing Zulu talk in the distance, he motions for the others to get down and hide. Himself and two guards hide behind cover, the third for some reason hides inside a cardboard box. Motioning the others to stay where they are and stay silent, he moves around the basement quietly, looking for Zulu

(Will wait for Monochrome/Pastel to post)

Agents Pastel and Monochrome:
Pastel, having taken over while Monochrome reorient area himself with the area, silently moves out of his hiding spot and around to the edge of the storage facility, shadowing Zulu. Minotaur. He's big, compared to others of his kind. Fondness of a hammer called "Sasha". High risk target. Be careful Pastel, this one's not like our usual hunts. He's gonna take a beating before he goes down. Any suggestions on tactics? Aim for the legs. And for Celestia's sake stay out of reach of his hammer. I have to use this body too. Thankyou Monochrome. Pastel silently moves behind Zulu, giving a kick to his back legs before rolling behind a set of boxes.

Marching through the storage room, Zulu continues to look for his targets. Upon getting kicked, Zulu stumbles forward, but stays on his feet. Letting out a roar in annoyance, he looks around for the perpetrator, not knowing where they have gone.

Meanwhile, Broadshield and his vanguard move through the storage area quietly. Eventually, they find Zulu. "Alright, what we need to do is incapacitate him, then apprehend him. We need to get him off his feet." Suddenly, one of the guards moves out of cover, and kicks Zulu in the back, before he moves away. Eyes on his target, Zulu begins to takes swings at the pony. "Need some help here!" He calls out to everyone.

((I'm controlling Zulu BTW))

Agents Pastel and Monochrome:
Shifting behind a crate, Monocrhome yells out, "Hey ugly! I bet legs day mustn't be a thing for Minotaurs, eh?" before rolling out of the way of any incoming hammers. Why did you say that Monochrome? To stop him from thinking straight, P. And obviously to distract him from Broadshield. Coming out behind the agents, Monochrome pulls out the explosive crystal and turns the strength dial to 3. Not enough to wipe out the entire floor, but just enough to leave a glaring crater. "HEY BROADSHIELD! LOW POWER YING YANG TO THE LEGS! GET BACK!" With that Monochrome shifted into Pastel and dashed away, hoping that Pastel's stealth tactics would be enough to get close to the giant Minotaur. 


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