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Re: New Developments
« on: October 18, 2015, 11:43:42 am »
Morgan picked up the scroll.
"What in the... they are saying Foxtrot was a sleeper agent, they are fighting right now." Morgan put her headset on. "This is Morgan Lockett, do not engage anypony in that castle. Let this play out. They cannot know we are following them." She placed the set back on the table before throwing another file on top. "We had scouted outed Manehatten and strongly believe it's this particular high rise."

Bear popped another stick of gum in her mouth.

"I propose we have two of us repel by rope onto the roof from a pegasus team floating a moving truck. Two of us then repel from the side of the building, breaking the windows, at the same time, two of us kick the doors down and get in from the hallways. Smoke them out, take down both sides and bag the directors... the only thing is we don't know if Samiel and his ponies are interfering with us."