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Morgan “Bear” Lockett:
The room was empty except for 4 desks, chairs, and lamps with one huge bulletin board accompanied by a white board. There was a fifth table in the center of the room acting as the command table with a large map on it.

Morgan was leaning back in her chair staring at the ceiling, the rest of her team was out after some dumb animal set off a security alarm. Her thought's shot out of her head once Flick began choking and gagging on something.

"C'mon Flick, spit it out." The SEAL put her chair back on the ground and picked her glasses up off the table. The dragon coughed up a scroll and handed it to Bear.

"...Oh boy." She got up and set the paper on the middle table and uncapped a marker. With her mouth, she circled Manehatten and pinned the scroll to it waiting for her team to return.

Walter “Walt” Dorsett:
The three returned.

"Damn Raccoons." He grumbled but smiled when seeing his teammate stand up waiting for them at the command table. "Hey Morgee. What's going on did Flick receive something?"

Morgan “Bear” Lockett:
"You three need to stop calling me that. It just sounds wrong and I know that's the point. "She smiled for a moment though before pointing to Manehatten on a map.
"Got a  developing story on the target's we have been monitoring. We can confirm a bunch of different names. Princess Cadance is one of them. I don't know how she got tangled with this, but there are a few other names in this little team. This was sent by the pegasus surveillance team that's at the castle right now. We got picture evidence.  Some of our main targets are there: Foxtrot, and the changeling Nivalia. Some military officials is there too, Broadshield. He is working with them as well as Ebony Coldsteel. There is also a mare with a criminal record named Tinder. They had just met with Samiel earlier today. Sweet Celestia this report is a goldmine for us." The mare pushed her glasses up and continued hewing her gum. "There is a high possibility that they will all go after these 'directors' in manehatten. We track them there, stop them and take these ponies in ourselves."

The dragon sat in silence before curling back into his ball under the hot lamp and falling back asleep.

Lauren Beckham:
"Come on Bear it's all in good fun." Lauren chuckled before listening. "Sounds like a plan to me. Do we know what their target building will be? If not we might need to do some last minute planning."


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