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Re: Highrise Showdown
« on: December 18, 2015, 04:41:52 pm »
Foxtrot nods as everyone is prepared for the final assault; his gaze becoming one of intense focus, determination, and revenge. Leading the group through the glass pane doors, they find no one is currently at the front desk. "Ok, we can take the elevators to the 95th floor, than take the stairs up to avoid detection. When we get to the top floor, look out for two large wooden double doors; more than likely they will have The 26 on it so it will be hard to miss. Watch out for any security along the way, if they spot us, we are to take them down immediately to prevent them from alerting the Directors." Looking around, the unicorn finds two elevators on the far side of the room, "Over there, let's go!" He rushes over and presses buttons for both of them, awaiting their arrival for the group to head up.
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