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Re: Highrise Showdown
« on: December 18, 2015, 08:15:56 pm »
Following Foxtrot to the elevators, he continues to listen to the flurry of activity and radio chatter through his head set, occasionally switching channels to hear different ponies. Anyone close enough to the headset would be able to hear the chatter.

"This is Combat Fireteam Theta, commencing sweep of floors 30 - 35, over." one pony is heard
"This is Combat Fireteam Epsilon, we read you loud and clear Theta, we'll be moving up to floors 36 - 40. Can I have members of Delta Team-"
another pony is heard before the feed turns to static as another channel opens up.

"This is Support Unit Head to Commander Broadshield, we are beginning to evacuate civilians from the area, establishing 100 meter perimeter around the building, over." a pony is heard saying before Broadshield brings up his microphone. "I read you Support HQ, continue your operations, make sure to keep it quiet, over" he says before switching the channel again.

"This is Recon Team Aquarius Lead to Commander Broadshield, doing a flyby of the floors, hold on..." Nothing but wind can be heard for a few seconds before a voice can be heard again. "I see 5 individuals, Two... pegasi I think, a unicorn, a... uh... minotaur I believe, but I cannot confirm the identity of the last individual. I don't believe they're suspicious of me, how do I proceed?"
"Pull off the recon Aquarius, make your way back to the rest of the team and continue to keep and eye out on the area." he says before another voice pipes up.
"This is Recon Team Scorpio to all units. I have eyes on a few individuals in the area. Cannot confirm identities or exact number, I'd guess maybe 5 or so. Exercise caution around them, but do not engage unless they happen to attack. Commander, how do we proceed?"
"Keep an eye out on them, but keep your distance. They may be with the Directors. Exercise extreme caution. Over" he says before putting his microphone away. "I wonder..." he mutters to himself before catching up with Foxtrot at the elevators.
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