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Re: Highrise Showdown
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The clang of the knife deflecting the bullet draws the Director from his prior engagement, in the corner of his vision he sees a familiar pegasus charging towards them. An increasing chill surrounding him alerts the green unicorn of Tinder's presence, the work of the only other unicorn apart from Foxtrot on the roof. Now aware of his targets, he surrounds himself once more with a magical aura, slowing the effects of the arctic cooling on him. With his free hoof he lands a hook on his opponent’s nose, following through with a kick that sends the rogue agent dropping his machete and flying into Broadshield, knocking them both down onto the concrete. Looking to the orange mare, he fires a single magical blast towards her before focusing on the helicopter. Eyes glowing bright, he siphons the last of his magical energy to his hooves, knowing he only has a single shot. By the Director's definition of a single shot, it's rather several in an organized volley. The entire roof begins to shake as the metal girders underneath twist and turn, large cracks bursting around the group. A churning echo roars above the howl of the winds as five massive steel girders erupt from the roof; a third of the ceiling collapsing into the room where they all met. All pointed towards the Blackhawk, Yankee sends them hurtling towards the airborne squad. One takes out the tail rotor, as another punctures one of the engines; two of them miss, crossing the blades and splintering them apart as the last one manages to be the only miss. The aircraft begins to lose control, spinning eratically as it drops towards the edge of the ceiling.
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