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Re: Highrise Showdown
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Ears ringing, Foxtrot gets up and off of Broadshield, seeing the helicopter careening towards impact with the remains of the roof. He starts to sprint towards it, his hooves glowing brightly as he comes to a sudden stop. Standing up, he points his front hoofs towards the aircraft, surrounding it with a magical aura as his back hoofs cement themselves onto the floor. The helicopter's speed and spin drastically slow down as it nears the unicorn. With less than a meter to spare it comes to a complete stop, the agent close enough to see Bravo and Juliet still inside. "Ah sh!t they g-" A sharp pain paralysis the unicorn, letting his grip go on the aircraft, leaving to fall a short distance only. He looks down to find his own blade piercing through his torso, his vision blurring as his head begins to feel feint. The feeling shatters as its pulled out, the hooked end tearing at his flesh as he drops to the floor, adrenaline and pain filling his mind. His brown eyes look up to meet Yankee's as the Director flicks off the blood from the steel. Reaching down, the agent draws his crossbow pistol, the weapon only being kicked off towards the general direction of the orange unicorn.
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