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Re: Highrise Showdown
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Before Broadshield can do anything, he gets knocked to the ground by Fox, courtesy of everyone's favorite director, Yankee. Looking around, he sees a laser being fired at Tinder. Grabbing his katana, he throws it at the beam, hoping to deflect it or stop it entirely, but it's all jus up to Lady Luck. He soon feels the ground, rumble beneath him. Suddenly the floor collapses beneath him, Broadshield barely rolling away from the hole in the ground. "What the **** is with this guy?!?" He yells out in shock. Getting up, he sees the Blackhawk coming down. Reaching into his earpiece, he opens up every channel. "All units, Blackhawk down! I repeat, Blackhawk down! Get everyone out of here!" He yells. Soon after is absolute chaos on all channels as Equinox does everything to evacuate. Looking up again, he sees the Blackhawk come to a stop, only to get stabbed by Yankee. "No!" He yells as he pulls out his TEC-9 full-auto pistol and charges Yankee from behind, firing towards his backside. He didn't care whether he lived or died, he had to pay.
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