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Re: Highrise Showdown
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The rattle of automatic fire rings around Yankee, a stray round grazing him in the leg and turning him to Broadshield. A second later, Tinder's bolt punctureshis shoulder, sending the Director reeling back. Instead of resisting, he uses the momentum to roll backwards, out of the Equinox's line of fire and exposing his ally instead. Foxtrot looks up to spot the green unicorn rolling into one of the roof's holes before his mind is struck with pain as two rounds from Broadshield's weapon strike his flank and side; his new armor stops the second round from puncturing his body, keeping him alive. "F@#&!" The agent roars over the winds around them, actually sitting up momentarily before falling back from dizziness. Whether Yankee was fighting or not, Foxtrot tries to patch himself up; he reaches into his pockets and pulls out a blue roll of medicated wrap, a custom product of Nivalia. Opening his heavily stained jacket, he sees the gash still pouring out blood. Rolling some out, he manages to apply it to his front injury, the wrap then  cleaning, swelling, and numbing the area. His vision begins to fade again, the unicorn dropping the wrap just to stay awake.
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