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Re: Highrise Showdown
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As Yankee drops onto the floor, he grunts in pain as he looks over the bolt in his shoulder. Reaching over, the unicorn yanks it out, gritting his teeth in the meantime. Looking around, his expression turns to joy as he finds himself in the supply room, many of the weapons and gear still present besides one of their glider packs. Regardless, he walks over and plucks a flashbang grenade from the counter as well as his own crossbow. After loading and slinging it over his shoulder,  he makes his way back to the conference room to find the crashed helicopter. Heading over, he sees his fellow Directors as well as the SEALS all bunched together by the front. With a devious grin he runs over and arms the flashbang grenade, "F@#$ you, a$$holes!" Tossing it at the squad, he looks away and covers his ears as it goes off, blinding and deafening all those inside. Not even bothering to check, Yankee reaches in and pulls out Bravo and Juliet,  swiping a carbine for later. Dragging them to the conference room's entrance, he drops them to the floor and makes his way back to the roof with his new weapon in hoof, "Once again I'm stuck killing everyone while you two slack off..."
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