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Re: Highrise Showdown
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"Flash get down!" Lauren shouted as they shut their eyes but it was bit late causing the team that was already disoriented from the crash to get even worse. Lauren and Connor both recovered though and quickly went to work.
"We lost both target's right now. I got 4 badly wounded, two pilots, Bear, and Walt. Connor and I are gonna stabilize by the crash site to help out the injured but we need an evac. Bring a Pavelow. I fear we need more than a hawk in case Yankee comes after us again."
There was a response from the radio and Lauren nodded to Connor as both carefully pulled Morgan and Walt out to put them in a bit of a better position before returning into the chopper to find both pilots bloody but unconscious. Both SEALs sighed in relief but the challenge was now to pull them out of their seats as both side doors were jammed shut. Connor picked up his M249 SAW.
"I'll be outside in case Yankee decides to return. You work on getting those two out of there." Connor said stepping out of the crashed bird and kept his eyes peeled around.