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Re: Highrise Showdown
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Broadshield's expression goes from satisfaction to horror, from landing several hits on Yankee, to him rolling back, exposing Foxtrot, who is hit twice. He releases the trigger, the remaining bullets whizzing past Foxtrot. "F***! Fox!" He cries out in shot, rushing to his side, before carrying him to the staircase he went up to get to the rooftop. After making his way there, he sees that Fox has been severely injured, but not fatally, thank Celestia. "This is Command actual to Manehatten air fleet, I need a helicopter medvac!
We got an injured soldier, and he needs medical attention, how copy?" He says into his headset before a voice responds. "This is Home Base to Command actual. The closest aircraft we have is the Little Bird, ETA 10 minutes."
"Roger that, bring it over, and hurry up!" He says, before turning his headset off. "Tinder! I need you to guard Fox, I'll take care of Yankee! He calls out to her over the howling wind. Reloading his weapons, he takes aim at the hole in the ground, waiting for Yankee to pop his head back up so he can open fire.
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