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Re: Highrise Showdown
« Reply #75 on: April 08, 2016, 10:20:15 pm »
"Ugh, damn it. Now I gotta climb all these steps." Yankee mumbles to himself; since his magic's depletion, the Director has had to rely on physical and mental prowess and conditioning. Holding the carbine in hoof, he's slightly surprised at the results of the Initiative; being a subject to the program itself has yielded generous benefits. Now relying on gut instinct and speed of movement, Yankee presses forward to extinguish the resistance towards his goals. His thoughts flash over to the others, Bravo and Juliet still in the conference room, 'I can get them out, but not with them around. F*ck that, the years we've put into this, the sheer scope of the possibilities.' The Director reaches the exit to the roof, slowing his speed to a crawl as he brings the carbine to bear; peeking down the sights, he first finds Broadshield. Instead of firing, he moves closer to the exit, not making a sound as he scans the rest of the roof. His amber eyes sighting Tinder and Foxtrot much closer, as well as his machete; a moment of silence passes as he visualizes his strategy. 'I won't let them stop our only chance. Regardless of the outcome, the project will continue.' Taking a deep breath, the unicorn sprints into action; once he reaches the roof, he beelines straight to Foxtrot and Tinder as his firearm is centered on the pegasi. He fires a round towards Broadshield's shoulder in an attempt to free his grip from his firearm; as the sound of gunfire reaches their ears, he drops the carbine and slings over his crossbow. The bolt is sent speeding towards the Equinox soldier's left hindleg, should the bullet some how miss, there was a backup. As soon as both projectiles are fired, Yankee skids to a stop right in front of the the two unicorns. He swings the butt of his crossbow right into Tinder's center, barely missing her injury by several inches/centimeters; wasting no time, his focus is simply to waste the rogue agent.
"You'll always need agents like us. To do things that most cannot."