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Re: Highrise Showdown
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Before Fox can react to what he saw, his vision blurs as Yankee's hoof collides with his face, blood pouring out of his nose as the agent lifts his own hooves to protect himself. With one hoof holding off the Director's strikes, the other reaches into his pocket, pulling out one of his three remaining hoofcuffs. Lowering his defenses, Foxtrot takes a kick to his chest; the surge of pain rattles his mind as his wounds slightly open again. Using the moment to his advantage, Foxtrot suppresses the pain in his head and swings his hoof up; one of Yankee's hind hoofs light up a greenish glow. Surprised, Yankee steps away and picks up the machete nearby; the Director looks over to his shoulder to spot his former colleague trying to get up. Rushing back, Yankee pulls back his front hoof and lands a punch on the unicorn, sending him back to the floor. Going for the kill, a grin appears on the forest green unicorn's face through the reflection of the machete's steel as it plummets down towards the agent. Foxtrot raises both of his hoofs to block the attack, but his weakened physical state simply slows the piercing metal as it inches closer to it's target. Breathing heavy, Foxtrot looks down to find the other cuff sitting next to Yankee's other hoof, "Tind- Tinder! Hoof! H-" He gasps as the machete lightly presses against his armor. Clenching his teeth, Foxtrot pushes back, stalling for as much time as he can."
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