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Highrise Showdown

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The streets of Manehatten are filled with the hustle and bustle of the residents as they go about their daily lives of shopping, business, tourism, and other manners of spending the sunny day. A few scattered clouds are pushed along the blue canvas above by a warm, light breeze to the west, scattering various smells of exotic and local cuisines across the blocks of town. By the harbor, a large skyscrap'er stands tall, piercing the sky like a dagger. Several other tall buildings surround it, but this was the only one with bayside access, certainly meeting the taste of the upscale Directors of The 26. ( / It's the middle one with the TV in the middle of it. Of course in this scenario there is no such thing, but you get the idea of the overall setup of the area.)

Foxtrot trots forward to the back of the facility, approaching the tall glass doors found at the entrance of the complex. His heart was beating faster than normal as he looks straight up to the top, not being able to see the top floor of course. Looking back down he notices the elaborate entrance ahead, as well as the four bronze pillars supporting the whole building; each one having a stone lion sitting in front of it, implying an awe inspiring presence that separates it from the skyscrap'ers around it. This was it, the end to years of searching, running, fighting, surviving; the whole journey over the past few years all come down to this, the next few hours and the outcome of either success or failure. The unicorn looks over to his companions, a pang of comfort hitting him to find that he isn't alone in this endeavor. "Alright everyone, this is it. Before we get going..." He reaches into his jacket and pulls out the hoofcuffs, passing them out to everyone who will be joining him on the top floor.

Tinder stares at the building ahead of them, hoping that this plan will turn out fine. She secures her bag once more, grabbing a couple pills from it and downing them while she has the chance. She lightly pats Fox on the back as a sign that she's with him for this, as her horn lights up and she starts making some throwing knives out of ice. The knives levitate in circles around her as she stares at the door, waiting for the command to enter, ready to take down some bad guys.

Agents Pastel and Monochrome:
After grabbing her pair of hoof cuffs, Pastel slowly walked next to Broadshield. "Commander, before we go in, I would like to mention that I acquired the explosive crystal from the armoury that Monochrome and I developed. As a last resort, of course. And I'll only use it if you give me the codeword." Pastel then drew her sword, preparing herself for the battle ahead.

Ocean Spray:
Ocean, having followed the group from the Equinox base, snuck around behind the group with a smirk on his face. Okay, these guys mean business. I wonder what there up too. Ocean scanned the group, until he spotted Pastel. Woah. Strange sense of deja vu there. That colourful mare seems familiar... Ocean thought to himself.

Walking through the streets of Manehatten, he follows Foxtrot to the target building, anticipation building inside of him. Upon arriving at the building, he looks over his gear to make sure he's ready for the operation. After taking the enchanted handcuffs off Foxtrot, he turns to Pastel. "Alright, I'll be sure to tell you if we need it." he says. Grabbing a headset from around his neck, he puts it on and activates it. Putting the the microphone onto his mouth, he begins speaking. "Alright soldiers, Operation Takedown has commenced. Sweep the building and set up a perimeter. Phantom Protocol is in place. Move out soldiers!" he says before turning off the microphone. "Alright, Equinox has mobilized, lets get moving." he says.


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