Author Topic: Siege of Manehattan  (Read 1137 times)

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Re: Siege of Manehattan
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Seeing everyone ready, Broadshield makes his way down a flight of stairs onto the actual docks. Broadshield navigates through the docks, which have turned into a maze with all the shipping containers. Occasionally, the group would pass by one or two workers, who would either not notice them, or they wouldn't care. After some navigating, the group would eventually come out into an opening. In the opening, there is a tunnel that goes through the side of the wall, all dark. Inside it, a flow of water is also present, making its way out to the ocean. There were also a group of ponies, who at first glance look like a bunch of thugs, all of whom were playing card games. Upon the group showing up, the group notices them. One of them makes their way towards the group. "Oi, you lot! What're you doing here?" he calls out to them.

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