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Re: Siege of Manehattan
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Leading the group through the dark tunnels, the group eventually comes across a large door. At the door are two guards, who silently salute the group. "Alright guys, through this door is the Equinox Manehatten Division Base. From here follow me into the meeting room, we'll formulate a plan there, but feel free to look around for a little bit when we go inside." he says to the group. Opening the door reveals a large warehouse like area, shipping containers stacked up to their level, or being stacked by shipping cranes (They're looking down at the warehouse). On the far side is a very large sliding door, capable of moving dozens of containers in or out at once. Alongside that, series of rooms are built into the walls, housing further storage, food and water supplies, armories meeting rooms and more. Throughout the place, Equinox soldiers are moving around, moving containers, constructing and repairing various things, as well as going off on missions as well as returning.
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