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Re: Siege of Manehattan
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"No problem you guys. We're always willing to help, especially when we know what the stakes are." He says to Foxtrot. "Just follow me downstairs. We'll make our way into the meeting room, then we'll formulate a plan against the group." he says, leading the group downstairs. After making his way downstairs, he leads the group to a meeting room. On the way, any Equinox guards that aren't doing anything really important come up and salute Broadshield and the group, occasionally welcoming the group to the base. Upon reaching the room, he opens the door for the rest of the group. Inside is a large room, which contains a large table made of crystal, capable of using light and memory spells to create holographic projections. Surrounding the table are various chairs, roughly 12 in total. On the wall is a map of Manehatten, with various notes next to circled locations, reading different notes, such as criminal hot spots, patrol routes, suspicious activity, and in the center of the map is a large park that is circled, with a note next to it saying 'Suspected black market location'. "Just get comfortable, I'll try and find some soldiers willing to help out on this op. I'll be right back. Pastel, Monochrome? Where are you?" he calls out as he leaves the room.
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