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Re: Siege of Manehattan
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Tinder completely avoids eye contact with any of the guards that come to greet them, just giving quick nods in their direction while staring at the floor. Once they get into the room she seems to relax a little bit, glad to have a break from the mass amounts of guards. She looks at everything in the room, but her attention is quickly drawn to the map of Manehatten. She stares at it as she finds two spots on the map, the first one being her old home and the alley the used to live in, an area known for it's criminal activity. The other thing she looks for on the map is where the old playground near her home would be, sniffling a little as she finds where it would be on the map. She rubs at her eyes as she stares at the map, quickly grabbing her pill bottle from her bag and taking a couple. She then walks to the other side of the room and sits on the floor, trying her best to ignore the memories that are popping up in her mind.
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