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Re: Siege of Manehattan
« Reply #105 on: November 30, 2015, 11:06:49 pm »
Foxtrot and Nivalia look around as they settle in, sitting in one of the 12 chairs on the table. The unicorn remains silent, his eyes fixed on a single point on the map, one surprisingly not marked off or noted for any reason. Looking around the room he tales a deep breath as he tries to formulate a plan to take down the Directors. It's odd, going after the ones that trained him, supplied his gear, signed his paycheck. The difficulty is increased knowing that they need to be taken alive, an obstacle he knows they will take advantage of. The apprehension process must be quick, their imprisonment immediate. The concepts causes his scarred ear to flutter, getting the attention of the disguised changeling next to him. He looks over to see some of her concern in her expression, but also fatigue; she's been through enough already trying to break the programming his mind has gone through. Magically and mentally she may not even be in the right shape to come along, although she would disagree of course. Foxtrot gives her a warm smile before turning to the table in front of them; 5 targets, possible security, expected collateral damage. The real question is how much can be contained when it's all said and done. And when it is done, that's a whole matter entirely. The 26 would... No, will get disbanded after this with no formal leadership. At this point though it wouldn't even be necessary, the exact numbers of this small group is still unknown. More than likely all assets will be cut loose, all resources split evenly, and all contacts with outside suppliers eliminated. This won't be an easy task, and it sure as hell won't be easy after its all said and done.
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