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Re: Siege of Manehattan
« Reply #105 on: December 03, 2015, 10:13:59 pm »
With everyone ready, Foxtrot nods and takes a deep breath as he prepares to inform the group. "Alright, as you all know, we're here to apprehend the Directors of The 26 for their involvement in creating a civil conflict in Saddle Arabia. There are five of them: Zulu, Romeo, Juliet, Bravo, and Yankee. All are very experienced field agents and skilled combatants in their craft. They will be having their quarterly meeting to discuss financials for the next few months." The unicorn gets up and walks over to the map if the city. With his hoof he points to a building sitting along a small bay leading to the sea. "As always they go to The Four Elements business complex. A 100 story skyscraper overlooking the scenic waterfront; and as always they will be having the meeting on the top floor suite." Foxtrot returns to the table, his tone becoming more stern, "I won't lie, I expect a fight, so our first priority is reducing unnecessary casualties. Second is to locate and isolate the Directors, apprehend them, and put them in a cell as fast as possible. They may have additional security, so speed is of the essence; we will need to employ more creative measures for their arrest. Broadshield, I'm guessing a place this large has holding cells, as well as at least five cuffs for these guys. What I'm thinking is enchanting the cuffs with instant, one way teleportation. Slap them on a Director and they immediately pop into a vacant cell. But like I said, reducing casualties takes priority. I'll need to have Equinox sweep the building to evacuate all civilians and form a 100 meter perimeter around the building. From there we head up the elevators to the top, apprehend them, and send then right to their cell." Foxtrot pauses and looks at the table as his ears fold back. "This will he easier said than done, more than likely they will resist and attack. Be prepared to defend yourselves and those around you..." The unicorn takes a deep breath and looks up, "I can't promise that we'll all make it out alive. But if we stay focused, alert, and have each other's back, we sure as hell have a good shot. Any questions?"
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