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Re: Siege of Manehattan
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Brodshield watches as Pastel leaves with the others and Tinder. 'Don't be too hard on her Pastel.' he thinks to himself. Getting up, he leads Foxtrot and Nivalia to the interrogation rooms. He leads them to a long hallway, where there are about 5 interrogation rooms on each side. Each interrogation room is comprised of a medium sized room, with nothing but a light source, two chairs and a table; it also has a smaller viewing room with a one way window so that ponies in the viewing room can see whats going on in the interrogation room. As they reach the hallway, a member of the security team arrives, with him a tray of handcuffs. Giving the handcuffs to Broadshield, he salutes the trio and walks off. "Alright, here are the handcuffs, as per your request Foxtrot. Now who's going to be using their magic?" he asks as he passes the tray to the pair.
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