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Re: Siege of Manehattan
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Upon entering the armory, Broadshield immediately removes all of his items, deciding to grab new gear. For armor, he decides to grab his personal modified Equinox Standard Combat Armor (Lighter variant of Royal Guard Armor, with dragon scales inserted to provide protection while keeping weight low, with Equinox symbol and colours adorning the armor.) He also grabs a combat helmet just to be safe. Moving over to weapons, he grabs a katana, sheathing it on his left side. He also grabs a dozen throwing knives and puts them all away. He then grabs a dozen smoke and improvised flashbang grenades and puts them all onto his saddlebag. As a precaution, he also grabs a key, and opens a safe labeled 'Equinox Commanders Only'. From inside, he grabs a six round revolver, and several rounds, as well as a holster, putting them all away. "Sir, are you actually going to be bringing one of those weapons?" one of the Equinox soldiers asks. "Yeah, might as well bring this along, see what it can do." he responds before holstering his weapon. Upon getting all of his items ready, he makes his way over to Foxtrot. "Fox, I'm going to go and quickly address the division about the operation, since we're going to need every pony available to help evacuate. Take everyone else to where you need to go, I'll catch up with you all soon" he says, before leaving.

(Just self RP here, don't need to read if not interested)
A few minutes later, Broadshield was in a large meeting room, filled to maximum capacity with at least dozens soldiers, and even more soldiers were listening in from wherever they could. "Thank you all for coming on short notice, we don't have much time so I'll get straight to the point. The objective for this operation is to secure 5 V.I.P's known as the directors so that they will be put under arrest and transferred to Saddle Arabia. I will be part of a team to go and secure these 5, but I will need every available soldier to assist with another operation. This operation is going to be dangerous, and we cannot have any civilian casualties caught up in this. This is where all of you will come in. Firstly, Combat and Support soldiers, I want you all to evacuate the building except the top 5 floors of all civilians, but the issue is that we need to do this without the Directors knowing about it. We are using Phantom Protocol for this part of the operation, we cannot let them know we are here. Intel Team, we will need you to continue surveying the area for signs of activity, as well as relay information to us, and the others on any updates. Security Team, I want security on the base doubled, all over the place, especially around the interrogation rooms. So does anyone have any questions?" he asks. No one responds. "Alright soldiers, their meeting starts in less than an hour, you all know what we need to do, lets move out!" he says
"Ooh-rah!" they all respond, before filing out, getting ready for the operation. Broadshield, deciding that he needs to now head off, heads off to the operation, hoping that this mission will be a success, not just for the sake of Equinox, or his friends, but for the sake of the rest of Equestria.
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