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Re: Siege of Manehattan
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Nivalia nods, her horn glowing as she looks at Foxtrot right in his eyes. Her jade pupils glow, the unicorn's also changing in tint. A moment of silence passes until she begins to speak. "Foxtrot, can you hear me?" He nods, waiting for her to continue. "Good. How do you feel?"

"Not bad actually." Foxtrot answers, relaxing in his seat. "I guess you have been improving your technique. When do we get into the deep mind probing?"

Nivalia chuckles, "Soon, just getting you acclimated to the changes. When I go full power you may lose consciousness; if so then we've gotten you activated. Just keep your mind clear. Let's speak to Agent 04."

"Ok, just make sure I don't do anything rash." The unicorn replies.

"Alright, alright. Let's begin..." The changeling's horn glows even brighter as Foxtrot becomes still. His irises widen as his thoughts silence as well as the room around him. "Now, the only one you hear is me. Fox, there's someone else we need to meet, you know who. Let us meet him." Foxtrot cringes, putting a hoof to his head. After a time his breathing becomes heavy, his hoof drops to his side. "Hey, who are you?"

Foxtrot looks around, rather confused as if he never recognised those around him. "Agent... 04."

"Good. How do you feel? I know a sense of confusion may be present, but anything else? Fear, anger?" Nivalia asks. The unicorn readjusts himself and shakes his head. "I see, it would make sense that they would condition those feeling out. Do you know how to use your magic?"

Foxtrot nods, "Of course. Transition through the hooves, apply as needed. I'm currently field testing a few others."

Nivalia nods, "Alright, and you recall all of your assignments? What you did before and after?" The agent at first appears as if he's going to nod again before she adds o to it, "Not including debriefing and preparations." Foxtrot pauses, then shakes his head, looking rather uneasy. "Agent, do you know of any of us are? Have you met anyone named Foxtrot?"

"No I..." Foxtrot hesitates, realizing his own lack of perspective on the situation. "Don't know any of them. Just... my assignments. What's going on? I should've gotten my orders by now."

"Relax, that's your order." Nivalia replies, her breathing beginning to be heavy. "How many triggers are you aware of?"

"86." Foxtrot replies. "I was executing number 74 last time I saw you all. "

"Well I need you to forget them. All of them, can you do that?" The changeling asks. The unicorn nods scratching his head. "Good. Close your eyes and do that. Rest for a minute then let us know when you're done." Foxtrot lasts co on his seat and closes his eyes. Nivalia's horn ceases glowing as she catches her breath. "Ok, part one is complete."