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Re: Siege of Manehattan
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Nivalia takes a deep breath, "Part one was finding out what were dealing with. 86 triggers, damn... this Phantom Initiative must've been extensive; regardless, disabling them should allow him to fight the Directors without risk of being controlled." Foxtrot remains silent throughout, appearing as if he's in a deep slumber. "Agent 04 also knows how to harness his magic through his hoofs, another useful tool Fox would love to have but doesn't know how to do. For part two, I'm going to merge the two personas into one. Foxtrot has already gone through enough emotional trauma to remember his assignments, so I can't bring him back to consciousness again. That's why I'm starting with Agent 04; he already knows all of his assignments and is emotionally adapted to them; from there it's filling in the blanks he can't remember when he's deactivated. The end result is a whole personality, Foxtrot will finally remember everything; maybe not all at once, but eventually he will."