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Re: Siege of Manehattan
« Reply #15 on: November 02, 2015, 11:46:18 pm »
"Done." Agent 04 says, his eyes opening once more. "Triggers are cleared, I don't recall any others. So, what are you all talking about? Who the hay is Foxtrot?"

Nivalia looks over to her brother and leans forward, "He's an amazing pony. Would you like to meet him?" Agent 04 pauses, looking over to the other for a moment before turning back to the changeling with a shrug. "Good, but first, I need you to try something." Foxtrot's guitar levitates over to him. "Try to play this real quick. Nothing fancy, just a simple tune." The unicorn looks at the instrument for a moment, then takes it with his magic. Bringing it to his hooves, he attempts to play a melody, but fails terribly. Nivalia's horn glows as she plucks it from his hooves, "Ok, just wanted to check. It appears skillsets are divided by personas as well. Now what I want you to do is lay back on your seat. Close your eyes, and take deep breaths; you're going to see memories that may not be familiar at first. Give it time, and soon everything will make sense."

The agent looks rather concerned, not used to this kind of interaction; still, he nods and does what he's told. Nivalia takes one more deep breath before fully concentrating. Here horn glows a bright green, illuminating the whole room as her eyes become bright green. Foxtrot's horn also glows green as his minds begins to play a mental slideshow of his life; memories of joyous and horrendous occasions fill his vision, causing him to lightly jerk his head away from time to time. Still, he remains steadfast as his two separate identities begin to meld. As more recent events are unfolded, the unicorn grits his teeth; the memories of Agent 04's assignments become known, the acts to complete them appear to be the worst than anything the unicorn has experienced before. Coupled with the events that ended his career in the guard, and the subsequent downward spiral afterward forces him to twitch and jerk to resist these new thoughts. Nivalia herself appears to become pushed to her limits as well, beads of sweat trickling down her face as she tries to remain in control. Suddenly, it all stops. Both participants fall in their seats, knocking their things onto the floor. The train whistle sounds off, a shudder of the train is felt before it begins to leave the station, on it's way to Manehattan.
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