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Siege of Manehattan

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The train sits at the station on the edge of Canterlot, only lanterns lighting up the area. The stars are overhead on the warm breezy night as a few ponies, much less than the daytime, trot about their business. All of the stalls except one is open, same for the lone ticket booth; the train itself still runs, preparing for it's overnight trek to the major city on the edge of Equestria. Foxtrot steps onto the platform and looks around, hood up and jacket zipped shut he looks around and goes to the ticket booth. After a quick exchange with the worker he returns with everyone's tickets and passes them out. "Here you all go. Round trip tickets to Manehattan." The unicorn pauses, looking over to the train, "Guys, this is some serious stuff that'll happen. As much as I want to, I... can't guarantee your safety. If either of you want out, now's the time."

Nivalia plucks the ticket off of Foxtrot's hoof and stores it away. "Well you know what my answer is bro. We're in this together..." She remembers what she heard in the tape, about Victor and Sierra. Nivalia desires to tell him, but knows what could happen if she does; a decision that has her torn both mentally and emotionally. The changeling shoves those thoughts to the back of her mind, for now there are more important matters to tend to. "I'm with you Fox, we all are."

Broadshield stands at the platform waiting for Foxtrot, donning a casual grey hoodie with an armoured vest underneath for added protection, stowing away his armour and weapons from earlier with the Equinox medics. Taking a ticket from Foxtrot and putting it in his pocket, he says "Fox, you don't need to worry, I got your back in this, and if needed, so does all of Equinox. The 26 are a threat to Equestria and surrounding nations, there's no way were gonna stand by and watch their madness unfold."

Tinder takes the ticket from Foxtrot and puts it in her bag, "I have your back as well, I know I'm not quite as prepared as these two but I'll help as much as I can." She smiles at him and then looks back down to the ground. The only part of this whole trip that she's really worried about is being stuck near Broadshield for that long, fearful that he'll somehow just know the things she has in her bag. But because she wants to support Fox she's not leaving yet.

Foxtrot couldn't help but smile at their reply. "Thanks guys, that means a lot to me. Let's get going, the train won't sit for us forever." After adjusting his pack, the unicorn trots over to the train, Nivalia following right after. The two present their tickets and board the train, walking over to a rather large booth in first class.


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