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New Borderlands RP site
« on: November 11, 2015, 10:45:48 pm »
So this site is still going under some cosmetic changes but for now the main framework of the rp is done. I would love for you all to join this forum, I can't necessarily advertise it anywhere because I usually use EQD, this forum is non-pony related so I am unsure of how it will gain followers but we'll see. Now you don't have to play to game to rp here, it's mainly used for the environment and the characters and styles of characters. You could also play as a character who had just moved there and asks around for an understanding of what everything is. I still however, reccomend watching gameplay of Borderlands 2 just to get a feel and style of rping we have. The game itself is full of action and humor actually. The link is here:

and at the top of the page on the bar next to Profile if you are logged in.

Here is a description of Pandora(the planet it takes place on) that I just copied from the wiki.

"(Pandora) is a barren, desolate world filled with dangerous creatures. Pandora's habitable regions appear to derive sunlight indirectly from the reflection of its moon Elpis. Pandora has a 90-hour day and takes ten Earth years to orbit its sun (one winter is seven earth years and a summer is three earth years). Pandora was first settled by humans during a winter season, when much of its wildlife was hibernating. After seven earth years, the warming climate in that region has resulted in most of the known native wildlife (excluding rakk hives and some other unknown or undiscovered species) waking from their hibernation, all of which are hostile to Pandora's new human settlers.
The areas of Pandora encountered in the story consist of snowy or volcanic-ash-strewn mountainous areas, large desert valleys and coastal stretches. The terrain is criss-crossed with canyons, ravines, rocky outcrops and plateaus. Large bodies of water are also present bordering several of the zones. Due to the repeated presence of raised construction it is likely that many of these areas are much wetter environments during different times of the Pandoran year.

One can roughly divide human settlements on Pandora into three different groups.

The first are military encampments established during first or second Crimson Lance occupation. These are huge, well fortified structures and bunkers, made of steel and concrete. In-game examples include the Crimson Enclave (designed to control the heart of ECHOnet) and Fort Knoxx.

The non-hostile civilian establishments constitute the second group. Due to general lack of resources, the inhabitants laid their hands on the only material they had in abundance: scrap metal and garbage (however, occasionally there are more well-made structures made from wood or bricks, like Helena Pierce's office). Although not exactly solid or cozy, these buildings offer some proper conditions and facilities (like power, canalization, etc.), making them a good place to rest or make business. Without proper organization, many of these settlements were constructed virtually ad hoc, turning towns into densely populated mazes of blocks, stair flights, alleys, backyards, etc. When the fauna of Pandora turned hostile and the crime-levels soared, it became necessary for every town to hastily assemble rudimentary fortifications.

The third and the last group is loosely made of bandit camps of various kinds. These gangs reside in various places, occupying defunct industrial installations, inhabiting natural dwellings, or simply stacking up near the roads and towns, hoping for easy prey and loot. Their buildings are relatively simple: mostly huts and shacks, offering little more than primitive shelter, storage, and sometimes toilets. Only the most notorious leaders and the biggest groups manage to reach some kind of higher organization; some of these bases even achieved their own names, like Thor Digtown, Lockdown Palace, or Midgetville."

The environment is large and gives us a lot to work with. Don't worry im not abandoning this forum, I will always be here as well. This is just another forum that will be open on my tabs. We have canon characters available for claiming there!

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Re: New Borderlands RP site
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2015, 06:34:52 am »
I am SO IN. On my way there now.
Don't get washed away.