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Re: General Discussion Thread
« on: August 15, 2015, 10:49:04 am »
I would suggest that everyone here change their passwords. One of our members, Octavia had recently had all of her forum data reset. Everything is gone. They don't know exactly how this occurred by Octavia believes someone may have hacked into we account and somehow wiped all her forum info. Until we have answers, I suggest we all change our passwords to avoid this from happening to us.

Wow, Thanks. I never thought to warn others, that was a good move. Just to help with the situation, it's very selective things. My display name and photo got changed, but when I came back this morning, whoever was in my account changed them back as best they could, which does NOT  make it better, by the way, it just proves it was a half-assed hacker who won't follow through. And now that my name is back, the only thing that seems to have remained reset is my post count, which I would very, very much like back up at 47 where it was, I'm never going to find the next rank at this rate. My time online has stay, my topic creations, strangely enough, my account creation date, all those are fixed. So while I'll still going to make good on my promise of finding the hacker and making his life terrible, I'm also hoping that the admins can fix my data.
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