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Music Is Magic (and other pieces by Naturematthe)
« on: August 10, 2015, 11:16:52 am »
Hello everypony,

if you happen to have read my character sheet, you may have noticed that Airy Movement isn't just a musician but also a composer. I wouldn't have given him that ability if I weren't able to write something for him though. So... here's what I composed so far.

Most of my pieces are written for classical instruments, especially ones you find in an orchestra. The ones linked here are only the more recent and pony-based ones, but if you are interested in the rest, feel free to visit my YouTube channel.

Music Is Magic

My Little Pony - Music Is Magic (YouTube)
My Little Pony: Music Is Magic (SoundCloud)

"My Little Pony: Music Is Magic" is an orchestral medley based on every song from the first two seasons of Friendship Is Magic. (Okay, two songs are missing because I had no idea where to put them. These are "Happy Monthaversary" and "Oink Oink Oink" from S02E13.)
I became a brony in September 2011 and quicky fell in love with the songs, especially "Winter Wrap-Up" and "At The Gala". In November I wrote the beginning of "Music Is Magic" and decided to include songs from Season 2 as well. Still it would take me two more years after the end of Season 2 to finish the longest and biggest piece in my life. Just before Season 4 ended in May 2014, Music Is Magic was finished.
Can you name all of the songs in the right order?

Lyra Heartstrings

Lyra Heartstrings (YouTube)
Lyra Heartstrings (SoundCloud)

"Lyra Heartstrings" was the first bigger piece I composed after Music Is Magic. To match Lyra's cutie mark, the main instrument in this piece is the harp, a close relative of the lyra.

Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia (YouTube)
Princess Celestia (SoundCloud)

I wrote "Princess Celestia" not long after finishing "Lyra Heartstrings". It is based on two themes that are rather popular amongst bronies: the fanfare from "Cutie Mark Chronicles" that can be heard when young Twilight watches Celestia raise the sun and the fan song "Luna" by Eurobeat Brony.

A Winter Day in Equestria

A Winter Day in Equestria (YouTube)
A Winter Day in Equestria (SoundCloud)

Well, I can't tel much more than the title does... so feel free to write down what you see and feel when listening to this piece^^


Canterlot (YouTube)
Canterlot (SoundCloud)

Same as above... listen for yourself^^

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Re: Music Is Magic (and other pieces by Naturematthe)
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2015, 01:36:44 am »
Dude, you're incredible! I really loved the first piece, although I couldn't name nearly as many as I thought I could. I really thought I heard 'Morning in Ponyville' But that's season 3, so I'm only a little confused. XD But seriously, amazing work.

Edit: After another run I realized it was the CMC's search for 'A perfect stallion.'
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