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Fiction Fun: Dragon Blues
« on: November 25, 2015, 09:48:55 am »
So I've got some mlp fan fiction I'm pretty proud of so I'm sharing it with you here. The series is called Dragon Blues. It centers around an egotistical blue dragon named Bolt who is dealing with his past from a thousand years ago while trying to find new meaning in the present. His adventures cause him to cross paths with the mane six some of them he befriends others hate his guts. Bolt has three stories thus far in which he encounters Twilight,Fluttershy and Rarity. These stories are a mix of personal drama and fast fun. Please enjoy them.

Dragon Blues: Vesper's Vengance
Twilight Sparkle has had her magic stolen by a blood thirsty vampress known as Vesper. Without her magic the elements of harmony are useless so her friends cannot help her. Desperate to reclaim her magic she seeks out help from a dragon she's read about that can move at impossible speeds. This is a tragic tale of high adventure and fun fantasy.

Dragon Blues: Faster Than You
Rainbow Dash encounters a dragon who disturbs her slumber. She follows him into the woods and finds him talking to a rabbit who he has a mysterious connection to. Turns out the dragon named Bolt and herself have a lot in common. After their massive egos clash Dash challenges Bolt to race that all of Ponyville turns out to watch.

Dragon Blues: Spikes Song
Twilight manages to shanghai the speedy dragon known as Bolt, into helping her with a magical experiment. Soon Bolt causes trouble for Twilight and she sends both Bolt and Spike out into Ponyville while she calms down. While Bolt wonders why Spike doesn't act like a real dragon the two head out into Ponyville on an adventure that will teach young Spike what it means to be a real dragon, as Bolt teaches him the ropes. Their first stop is meeting up with Rarity who is being harassed by a very gabby stallion.

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