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On the ground, at the foot of the structure, sits the entire Equinox Manehatten Division. All of the Support Unit and most Combat Teams form an 100 meter perimeter, each of them holding riot shields to hold back the crowd of civilians trying to see what is going on. Further towards the building, there is a large Equinox tent set up, much like a makeshift Forward Operating Base. Inside holds several small rooms, separated by sheets. One room holds several foldout tables, with several ponies from the Intel Unit gathered around the tables. Each table has several files, papers and maps, fresh intelligence on the situation. There is also several radio stations used for intercepting radio transmissions from Equinox personnel, as well as attempting to intercept radio transmissions from all enemy combatants. Another room is a medical room. There are 5 raised up stretchers in the room, a few ponies from the Medical Unit are present. The majority of them looking after Broadshield and Monochrome/Pastel. The other 3 fallen soldiers are lying on the 3 stretchers, sheets covering their dead bodies. In a third room is a situation room of sorts. In the room there is one large foldout table with a large map of the area, along with various files of new intelligence. There is also a radio station used for intercepting radio transmissions from Equinox personnel. On occasion, ponies from the Recon team enter the room with new intelligence. Even with all the ponies present, one would have no problem allowing the rest of the team inside to talk.

On the radio, there is a flurry of voices heard, all reporting in on their situation. One pony sits on the radio listening to the activity.
"This is Combat Team Beta, we are in position with Gamma Team and Sigma Team in the southern sector, supporting the Support Unit soldiers present. We have too many civilians trying to get through and see what is happening, Can I have Lambda Team-" one voice is heard before the pony switches the channel to another channel.
"This is Recon Team Gemini, we have eyes on the roof, we have 4 targets on the building. We have eyes on Foxtrot and Yankee, and two other individuals and- OH S*** GET DOWN!" a voice is heard before gushes of wind and something zipping by are heard.
"This is Recon Team Leo, we have eyes on Tinder and Bravo, Bravo is down- crap! Tinder is down. Cannot confirm on her status, but she's down. How do we proceed?" yet another voice is heard
"This is Recon Team Taurus, we have eyes on two griffons. I think that would be Romeo and Juliet, they are both down. I can't see anyone with Romeo, but I see someone with Juliet. We may lose Juliet and Bravo, we need to move in and intercept, how copy?" another voice is heard before the radio is switched off. Writing down the important points from all transmissions, he makes his way to the medical wing. Handing the paper to Broadshield, he salutes him and walks off.

Taking the paper, he looks over it, reading everything. Watching as the medics finish patching him up, using a combination of common medicines, herbal remedies, and magic, the Equinox commander is ready to fight, but still sore. Taking his headset, he turns it on and starts speaking into the microphone.
"This is Command to Support Unit. I need you to divert all available Support and Combat soldiers to any necessary areas to help hold back the civilians, we can't have any casualties."
"Roger that Commander. I need-" the voice cuts out as another channel is opened up.
"This is Command to Gemini, get away from the roof, let them fight this out. I'm not letting any more soldiers get injured, over."
"This is Command to Leo, I'm making my way up there right now, hold position. Over."
"This is Command to Taurus, do not engage the one with Juliet, secure Romeo, I'll try and make my way and extract him. Over."
After that, he turns off his microphone and makes his way outside. Making sure all his new gear is in place, he spreads his wings, and takes off into the air. He continues to soar through the air, using the strong winds around the building. Eventually he makes his way to the 60th floor. Hovering in the air, he looks up to the 85th and 86th floor where Recon Team Taurus are, to the 40th floor where Recon Team Leo are. He hovers there for a few moments before making his decision on where to go first, flying towards his intended floor.

((OOC: Wow, long post. The longest I've done yet. Feel free to read the whole post if you wish. But I guess the only part that really matters to the arc is the last part. The other two are kinda for establishing the scene. This thread will be for all members of the Equinox squad at the end of the arc. That would be myself, Monochrome/Pastel, Foxtrot, and Tinder. If anyone wishes to use this thread as a fight scene, I'm fine with it, but please PM me in advance.))

Book of Ideas / Case File - Equestria's Military Force (Headcanon)
« on: November 30, 2015, 08:49:11 pm »
Foreword: With the arise of international and eldritch threats endangering Equestria and its citizens, there are those who have called for a militarized force that is capable of defending Equestria from these terrors. This case file was created to help inform Equestrian citizens of the forces that keep this nation safe. There are two types of militarized forces. Guard units and Specialist units. Guard units are used in guarding VIP's, or places of interest from our enemies. Specialist Units are skilled in multiple areas of military service.

Over time, this file will be altered and expanded upon as more information comes to light. This is all the information I could gather at this point in time, as there are ponies after me for getting this information. All I hope is that this case file will not fall into the possession of our enemies, and that it can be used to provide Equestria and its citizens the necessary information, but also it can provide them a sense of security of who's really out there defending us. I must go, they are nearly here. May this information serve the reader well.
-The People's Benefactor

Guard Units

The Royal Guard
The Royal Guard are the most commonly seen military force. The Royal Guard are mainly stationed in Canterlot to defend the Princess' that are in Canterlot. The Royal Guard consists of earth ponies, pegasi and unicorn soldiers. Although they guard all the Princess's, they are mainly seen with Princess Celestia, leading to many believing that they are exclusively Princess Celestia's guard, although this is not the case. In the past, ponies believed that the Royal Guard aren't capable of defending Equestria, much less Canterlot after the Changeling Invasion of Canterlot. The Captain of the Royal Guard is Shining Armor, brother of the ex-Element of Magic, now Princess of Friendship Twilight Sparkle

The Lunar Guard
The Lunar Guard are Princess Luna's guard. When the night comes, the Lunar Guard take over the Royal Guard in guarding the Princess'. The Lunar Guard consists mainly of bat ponies, or Noctrals as described by some. The Captain of the Lunar Guard is Ebony Coldsteel.

The Crystal Legion
The Crystal Legion are Princess Cadence's guard. They guard Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, their upcoming foal, and the rest of the Crystal Empire. The Crystal Legion consist of crystal ponies, whether they are pegasi, unicorns or earth ponies. It was formed after Sombra's attempt to retake the Crystal Empire. Because of this, they have grown an immense hatred towards Sombra and any affiliates, and are wary of outsiders. The Crystal guard have also maintained security during the Equestria Games. Due to limited knowledge of the Crystal Empire since they only came to be recently, there is no known leader of the Crystal Legion.

The Twilight Vanguard (Proposed Idea)
The idea of a guard for Princess Twilight, the newest Princess was put forward after her, as well as the other ex-element bearers first encountered the equality extremist, Starlight Glimmer. Although she has proven to have impressive magical capability, Starlight Glimmer was able to detain her and the others. After she returned, the proposal was put forward so that there would be a guard unit accompanying her for her safety. If the proposal is accepted,  the Twilight Vanguard would be stationed in Ponyville, as well as Princess Twilight's castle. The Twilight Vanguard would consist of members of the Royal Guard, as well as anyone willing Ponyville locals.

Specialist Units

The Wonderbolts
The Wonderbolts serve as not only an aerial defense unit, but they also serve as a morale unit. In the past, the Wonderbolts would have been deployed to fight other aerial units such as Griffons or Changelings. Recently they were involved in defending Equestria against Tirek, although they were quickly subdued. When not on active military serivce, they provide aerial displays to not only boost morale, but to also hopefully inspire young fillies and colts to join the military. It isn't uncommon for members of the Wonderbolts to participate in the Equestria Games. The current leader of the Wondercolts is Spitfire.

Special Forces Unit Equinox
Not much is known about Equinox. Equinox is a Special Forces Unit that was formed after Tirek's attack, but the idea for a special forces unit was put forward after the Changeling Invasion. The goal of Equinox is to defend Equestria and its citizens from any international and eldritch threats. They are also first responders to any conflicts outside of Equestria should any outside countries need the support of Equestria, or they are first to respond when Equestria is experiencing conflict. There are rumors circulating that many black market syndicates were taken down during raids led by Equinox soldiers, though many believe this is propaganda to scare ponies. Equinox recruit anypony, indiscriminant of age, gender, appearance, race, birthplace or ideology. They recruit soldiers either through volunteers, or through taking enemy combatants, although this method of recruitment has not been confirmed in official reports and is just a theory. It is uncommon, but Equinox also involve common ponies in there missions, if they are willing. Equinox work with other units in operations. Currently, the leader of Equinox is Commander Broadshield.

(A/N: This is based off show canon and site canon. This will be updated when changes arise. Enjoy)

Book of Ideas / Map of Equestria
« on: November 21, 2015, 01:15:19 am »
Thought that this might be helpful for RP just so people know where things are and if the exist.

Book of Ideas / Ideas for future arcs
« on: August 15, 2015, 01:06:28 am »
As of now we are currently at roughly 20 active members, and we have a whole cast of characters, from shape shifters and changelings to members of the military. So in our current state, and because it has been discussed a few times before, I thought it would be a good idea to at least get some ideas for arcs in the future. We don't have to do arcs now, this would probably just be an archive of ideas for arcs, and if people (by people I mainly mean admins) like the idea, it'll probably be turned into an arc (I don't know how admins want arcs to run as of present, I may ask later.)

So here is what I'm thinking, I'll put down a simple template for suggesting, just so people can easily type it in. It will consist of:
  • The title
  • A quick synopsis (try to avoid spoilers)
  • Recommended amount of players

(Ok I'm not gonna lie the recommended amount of players part is a bit hazy. Anyone and any amount of players can take part in arcs, but I just put it in there just in case there are some arcs that only want a certain amount of players, for whatever reason)

Here is an example and a suggestion of an arc

Title:Strange Occurances
Synopsis: A string of crimes, murders and strange incidents have taken place in Manehatten. Go to Manehatten and get to the bottom of these incidents.
Rec. amount of players: Any

If anyone has any ideas for an arc, put in suggestions here, and remember, there is no such thing as a dumb idea.

Title of Arc: <insert name here>
Synopsis/summary: <insert summary here, try to avoid spoilers>
Recommended amount of players: <insert any amount. If you don't care about amount, just say any>

Book of Ideas / Adding train stations
« on: August 01, 2015, 12:34:46 am »
Since in RP, every thread is essentially a scene in a movie, maybe we could have in each area a train station. It could be that ponies could meet up here, or if they are going from one place to the next, the could go into the train station. It would make a bit more sense than having ponies in a bakery in Canterlot leave then suddenly appear in the Crystal Empire. Just as a possibility.

Characters / Broadshield
« on: July 29, 2015, 08:51:45 am »
Name: Broadshield
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Age: Young Adult
Coat: Rust Red
Mane: Charcoal Black with Grey Highlights
Cute Mark: A dark red shield with grey details surrounded by crimson wings
Hobbies: Gaming, reading, (trying to) invent weapons
Abilities/Skills: Proficient in combat, use of weapons, excellent flier
Current Residence: Either Canterlot Army Barracks, or his apartment in central Canterlot Residential District
Occupation: Ex Equestrian Military Corporal, now Commander of Special Forces Group 'Equinox'
Personality: At first he is somewhat shy meeting other ponies, but is more than willing to meet new ponies. Has a strong sense of justice, and will do whatever it takes to ensure that those who hurt him, his family or friends will receive justice, which can often lead to him performing actions many would call brash.

Background Information: Before he was involved in the army, Broadshield worked at a bookstore in Canterlot. But it all changed on the day of the Changeling attack on Canterlot. In the aftermath of the attack, he saw how many ponies were hurt because of the Changelings. Even though they were blasted off to realms unknown, he had vowed revenge against the Changeling Hive, as a result, he decided to enlist in the army. He had struggled in his training, but he was always a really good flier. His drill sergeants noticed his ability in flying, as well as his skill in inventing new weapons. As such, shortly after his training, was he promoted to Corporal. After a year of service, he was asked to lead the newly formed Special Forces Group 'Equinox'. Since then, he has led countless battles against those who wish to do Equestria and its citizens harm, from smuggling rings to rebel forces to ethereal beings.

Gear Loadout: Really depends on the situation. Usually he will take his Katana into combat. He also always packs around a dozen throwing knives for ranged or silent kills. He also packs flashbang grenades as well as smoke grenades. When on missions and operations he wears Equinox standard gear, which is improved Royal Guard armour with dragon scales inserted/fitted to give maximum protection while maintaining as much mobility as possible.

With the rise of newer warfare technology, Broadshield has embraced the use of newer firearms, from assault rifles to sniper rifles and everything in between. Often Broadshield will take whatever weapons are suitable for the mission, but Broadshield would usually have either a Kriss Vector or P90 SMG, a heavily modified M4A1 or ARX-160 assault rifle, along with an M1911 or TEC-9 sidearm

What is 'Equinox'? Special Forces Group 'Equinox' was a special forces group founded by high ranking officers in the military, as well as members or royalty and parliament. The group was formed sometime after the Changeling Invasion, but were not deployed until Tirek's attack on Equestria. The group mainly specializes in dealing with international threats to Equestria, as well as dealing with acts of terror on Equestrian soil. Whenever there was a major dispute between two countries, or even the event of war, Equinox would always be the first responders.

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