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Characters / Viola Platinumstrike, Knight of Ancient Times
« on: August 19, 2015, 09:15:22 am »
Name: Viola PlatinumStrike
Gender: Female
Race: Griffin
Hails From: Griffonstone from 1000 years ago
Occupation: White Knight to King Grover
  • Falcon shaped head with traditional, pointed Griffin 'ears'.
  • Front half is reminiscent of a falcon.
  • Rear half is reminiscent of a Snow Leopard.
  • Beak is dark grey, tipped in black. This tone can change to any shade of white, gray or black.
  • Icey blue eyes.
  • Quite small for a griffin her age. This is mostly due to most other griffins being more commonly descendants of lion/eagle ethnicity.
Preferred Appearance: Snowy-white complexion.
Age Range: Appearance-wise, young adult.
Special Trait: Able to darken or lighten the colours of her feathers and fur to a range between pure white and dark gray at will.
Relationship Status: Single.

Present Bio: Ensnared by a mysterious force, Viola has been taken from her time (around the time of Discord's first defeat) and transported into the time of present day; where she struggles to adapt to the changes and the new society's way of thinking.

A thousand-year-old Bio:
Initially, Viola is a White Knight to King Grover of the Griffonstone Kingdom, one of the higher ranking titles within the 'Knight Class'. She is a warrior of valor and passion, ready to defend her allies at any given notice without the fear of death. A notable mannerism she has is that she is well versed in 'Old English'.

Whilst being a loyal knight to her king, the strong political views of his fellow gaurds had on pegasii have rubbed off on her, so she too harbors unrelenting hatred towards the winged Equines; especially against Commander Hurricane. With her fiery spirit as her fuel and her bold personality to boot, she would relish any opportunity to challenge any pegasus if she strongly believes that for whatever reason that she is right or her way of thinking is right about something. Her particular hatred towards Hurricane also stems off towards his soldiers, and to any winged pony in close ranking or ally to the Commander.

Having said all that, there is still a small chance that other characters may be able to sway Viola's political view upon the pegasii. However, it is very likely to be a difficult accomplishment, yet still possible when the right approach is taken.

Personality: Behind her often formal yet sassy exterior is a passionate and expressive griffin whom will defend her family and allies from danger until her last breath. She has a fiery personality, often quick to use her sharp tongue when angered and isn't one for keeping her thoughts to herself. She particularly does not get along with others whom are submissive, indecisive, too impulsive in making critical decisions or pegasii guards/warriors.

Uniform and Accompanying Weapon:
To show her rank as a Knight, to formal battles Viola wears light metal armor that has a white sheen to it. She also wears a helmet that is spherical and covers the entirety of her head; except for her beak. Through magical means enchanted onto her helmet, Viola is able to see through it perfectly fine as it were glass but others cannot see her face. While wearing this uniform she carries a broad sword at her side.

Commonly Used Weapons:
She often carries these whilst not in uniform.
  • Reels of razor sharp chains are coiled underneath her wings. When her wings are fully extended and angled in a particular way, these chains shoot out and towards the target in front of her. These chains are ended with hooks designed to lodge into flying targets and allow for her to pull them out of the sky. It is fairly common for her to target the wings of airborne targets and possibly sever their wings.
  • Smoke grenades
  • Shuriken, Kunai, needles, other blades etc

Viola's Voice:
Soooo after RPing Viola for a while I've decided to change her voice as I now find her voice as Hawkgirl to be more fitting. Skip to 1:30 as she doesn't really talk in the video until then.

Viola's Theme Song:

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