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Characters / Ember Valentine
« on: August 20, 2015, 12:19:37 pm »
Ember is a small pink dragoness with a gold necklace in the shape of a heart and bearing a red gem in the center. She has light pink wings, large blue eyes, and a heart at the tip of her tail.

Not much is known about Ember or her past, but what is known is that she has taken a fancy romance. She is looking for a charming pony or dragon to sweep her off her feet.She recently moved to town to start her new life after graduation from dragon debutantes.

Ember is a dragoness with the motto think pink. She has released her own line of beauty products known as Ember's Elegance. These products range from everything from lipstick to shampoo. Ember swears by the stuff and guarantees you'll look and feel naturally beautiful or your money back. Ember is very much a girlie girl. She loves clothing makeup, frilly things and any and all things elegant. She's often a playful flirt who likes expressing herself through design she is a proper girl who hates getting dirty and has a little bit of an ego about her.     

Ember's Elegance
Ember owns her own line of beauty and skin care products known as Ember's Elegance. The special properties in her beauty line means all the products are extremely rich in vitamins causing for the best looking results in addition to this they are also extremely long lasting not needing to be reapplied each day. A regular tube of lipstick simply coats ones lips in the desired shade of make up and usually wears off after 24 hours, as where a tube of Ember's lipstick contains various special properties other make up cannot offer. Ember's lipstick will first give the user the desired shade and not need to be reapplied for an entire week. A second property it has is it will make the users lips a little more luxurious larger and pillowy. Ember has discovered how to make her make up more than simply face paint as it enriches and enhances parts of the body it's applied to. The same applies with all other products such as shampoo making hair instantly longer and more shiny,face cream removing any and all lines and blemishes,Eye liner and shadow creating longer more elegant lashes. Having long lasting and body enhancing results men and women world wide flock form droves to get a bottle or tube. The secret to her success is a species she's discovered called the Ember Plant. The Ember plant is a carnivorous plant that eats females exclusively. The appearance of the plant resembles a petal lain purple Venus flytrap with elegant designs adorned the outside. This plant likes to "prepare" it's food before devouring it.

This is where the plants internal chemicals come into play. Once an Ember Plant has snapped up it's prey it likes to prepare it's food for the feast enriching them physically and cosmetically. These enhancements usually consist of permanent changes that cannot be undone such as eyeshadow,longer and elegantly styled hair,luscious lips coated in a complementing shade to the victims skin or fur, shiny and sleek fur and long lashes. These are the usual recorded results but in some rare circumstances it has even been recorded to reshape the victims body into a more elegant form entirely with wider hips bigger bust ect. These plants were once used by females of an ancient tribe as a right of passage. When a girl came of age she would offer herself to a plant to undertake her transformation into womanhood. If she could manage to fight her way out after the metamorphosis and before being swallowed she was rewarded with lovely and elegant unwavering beauty as well as being accepted as a worshiped woman,who were well respected in the tribe for both bravery and beauty. These women usually ended up as the tribes protectors. Ember grows these plants and uses extracts of their cosmetic chemicals to enhance her make up. At the current time Ember is the only person able to handle these plants without being devoured as she has already once escaped the metamorphosis herself. Once prepared by a plant it is permanent and cannot wear off due to this the Ember plants will not attack a previously prepared female. However the plant that originally prepared them will still gladly devour it's work. In Ember's make up line the effects eventually wear off because she doesn't add the plants saliva which forever seals in the changes made to the victims. With the plants saliva acting as a sealant for the changes made has had Ember pondering on using it in experiments.

An Ember Plant

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